Integration or Transformation?

A cross-national study of information and communication technology in school education


Appendix 6.5

6.5      Information sheet


      School of Secondary and Post-compulsory Education




for a Cross-national study of policy-making for

information technology in schools


The objective of this study is to investigate the historical approach to decision-making in relation to the use of information and communication technologies in schools.


The methodology has involved an extensive literature review. This has directed the research into an interview phase, which will solicit information from a range of national, local, and school decision-makers.


Your views will be recorded on tape, with your permission, and transcribed. Some edited excerpts which illustrate pertinent views you have expressed, in a personal capacity, may be quoted in the submitted thesis. At your request, you will be given the opportunity to review and edit the transcript, and anything you change will not be used further in the research.


Name of chief investigator

The name of the researcher is Andrew E. Fluck. The supervisor for this study is Professor John Williamson, School of Secondary and Post-compulsory Education, University of Tasmania.


Purpose of the study

This project is being undertaken as part of (or to fulfil) the requirements for a PhD degree in education.


Criteria for inclusion or exclusion

This study will include your contribution as an informed decision-maker in the context of pupilís use of ICT in schools.  


Study procedures

During this study your participation will be limited to a face to face interview. The researcher will send you details of the topics to be covered beforehand.


Possible risks or discomforts

It is not anticipated that there will be any risks for respondents associated with the conduct of this study.



The data collected will be kept secure by maintaining a minimum of two electronic copies at any one time.  The data may be reproduced in full as part of the appendix of the proposed doctoral thesis.


Freedom to refuse or withdraw

Your consent to participate in the study is much appreciated. If you are unable to meet with the researcher, or wish to withdraw at any time, this is understood.


Contact persons

If you wish to contact the researcher, the relevant details are given here:

Andrew E. Fluck

Faculty of Education

University of Tasmania

Locked Bag 1-307


Tasmania, 7250


Telephone: +61 3 6324 3284

Facsimile: +61 3 6324 3048





Concerns or complaints

If you have any concerns of an ethical nature or complaints about the manner in which the project is conducted, you may contact the Chair or Executive Officer of the University Human Research Ethics Committee. (In 1999 the Chair is Dr Margaret Otlowski, phone (03) 62 267569 and the Executive Officer is Ms Chris Hooper, phone (03) 62 262763.)


Statement regarding approval

This project has received ethical approval from the University of Tasmania Human Research Ethics Committee.


Results of investigation

The results of the study will be written up for submission as a PhD research thesis. This will be made available upon completion on the World-Wide-Web.