Integration or Transformation?

A cross-national study of information and communication technology in school education




6.1       List of Interviewees


6.2       School observation case studies

6.10     England background information

6.3       School Policy Documents

6.11     Country data

6.4       Guidelines for interviews with participants in the study

6.12     Examples of policy document analysis

6.5       Information sheet

6.13     Issues analysis of interviews with members of the expert panel

6.6       Example of a MIKSIKE Worksheet

6.14     List of published papers attached to the thesis

6.7       Instruments for measuring ICT integration and results of meta-studies

6.15     The commonality of student curriculum frameworks

6.8       Estonia background information

6.16     Establishment of critical values for transitions between Phases

6.9       USA background information

6.17     The preparedness of Australian states for transformative Phase 3