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Associate Professor of Information Technology Education (retired)

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Teaching Coding in K-12 Schools (published February 2023)

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Australian Computer Society previous member of ICT Educators Committee

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PhD Thesis:
‘Integration or transformation? A cross-national study of information and communication technology in school education’. 


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With Introduction to quantum computing for Year 8 students (age 15)

Always On learning communities:
M-learning landscapes transforming school cultures

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Andrew worked as an Associate Professor of Information Technology Education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania. Andrew first visited Tassie on a lecture tour in 1988, and moved there the following year. His career has included spells in the bush of Biafra, the social forefront of Milton Keynes and the cutting edge of special education in southern England. In retirement, he continues to edit, write and present on educational technology matters.

With his partner Filomena, and three grown children, he knows the value of peace & tranquility.

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