Lesson Plan


Through the game Abaccus student learning outcomes will include; improved spelling, knowledge of letter positon and word content, improved proficiency of the use of computers, discourages students from making mistakes on the commonly mispelt words early in their schooling life.


Off computer activities for students related to Abaccus are; spelling games, look cover say write check words, writing and reading. Another activity that students could do is making a list of five letter words beginning with the same letter. Each day the beginning letter could change. Positional awareness strategies should also be taught to the children.


Computer based activites related to abaccus can also link with off computer activities with the students making the list of five letter words and typing them on a publishing package. Each student could type their words out and print them, and mount them for display around the classroom.

Activities could be devised for students to compile sentences using only five letter words, that have been used in the game Abaccus. Students should then type the sentences on the computer.

As a teacher I would be aware through reading various work of the students which words the children were spelling incorrectly frequently. As a task, each child would have a list of words that he/she has constanly spelt incorrectly. They would then be required to write these words on a computer the way they think it is spelt and then run spell check over the list of words to see how correct they were. Children then should choose which of the possible words is correct. These words would then be used in the students daily look cover say write check list until correct spelling was achieved.


The computer will be situated in the room where it is still easily seen by the teacher but away from central flow of students. A roster system will be compiled with each member of the classes name on it and a corresponding time allocation for that student. An evaluation method that could be used for a teacher is for he/she to make up a list of five letter words that are on the game abaccus. With the list of words the teacher should conduct a spelling test to see if the game abaccus is successful in improving the students spelling skills.

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