TITLE: Abaccus

PUBLISHERS: Autopay Payment Processing


COPYRIGHT: c. 1996 Digital Money, Inc, All rights reserved


14, Av Milton

54000 Nancy


E-MAIL: pautex@lpmi.u-nancy.fr

INTERNET ADDRESS: ftp://ftp.lpmi.u-nancy.fr



To register this program, you must send $20 and the version number of the sample package and JF Pautex will send back an unlock number that enables access to the complete package.

Abaccus is an independent learning program that can be used by students to expand their knowledge of the English language. This program is good in so far as the package is presented in a game format, which encourages children to use it and at the same time gain knowledge. Therefore the educational worth versus the price/registration fee justifies the money spent in order to obtain the package.

After some familiarisation with Abaccus, it became very easy to use. The instructions combined with the on line help made this particular package user friendly.

The installation of this program was down loaded form the internet and saved on my personal file server account. This process was not difficult.


No additional documentation on operating instructions, help systems and student worksheets accompanied this package. Perspective buyers of this package are left to discover the operations of use for themselves. There are however 2 files that can be accessed, these are a readme file and users references file, but are of little use. Additional information would most likely be sent when the programmer received the fee.

The ability to change content is restricted to level of difficulty gradients only.


Abaccus has 5 lines with a permutation of possible 5 letter words. The first letter of the first line is given to the player. The object of the game is to then think of a 5 letter word beginning with the letter given. The game then carries on to the next line and any letter that are correct appears in blue in the correct positions. If letter appear that are not in the correct positions they have a yellow circle over them. The player is given five lines to guess the word before the computer reveals it.


The person I observed using this software at first found it difficult to grasp the concept of the game, but once it was explained to her she encountered no other major problems. I thought this program was easy to use after I had familiarised myself with it. I knew that children would find it difficult to start with, but once shown how to use the program would able to use it proficiently unsupervised.

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