Research Grants and Projects

Research Grants awarded






Consultancy:  DETYA representative at 13th APEC Education Forum on the integration of information and communications technologies (ICTs) through teacher professional development and pre-service training, Toronto, Canada, 



University Teaching Development Grant (inter-Faculty project with School of Psychology): Using WebCT to deliver Psychology and Education Courses for strategic and pedagogic development with Greg Hannan.



Faculty Teaching Advisory Board large grant: Flexible Delivery for Quality Teaching and Learning Outcomes with Dr. Margaret Robertson



Faculty Teaching Advisory Board grant: Establishing a library of curriculum software.



Consultancy: Access, Youth and the eLaunceston portal. With Dr. Margaret Robertson for Telstra Research Laboratories



Consultancy: Children On-line Learning and Authentic Teaching Skills in Primary Education (Pilot Study) with Dr. Margaret Robertson for Department of Education Tasmania



Invited keynote speaker at Tiger Leap annual conference in Tallinn, Estonia



Faculty Teaching Advisory Board grant: Alternative and Augmentative Communication with Rob Andrew



Faculty Teaching Advisory Board grant: Authentic design guidelines for online teaching and learning courses with Dr. Margaret Robertson



Consultancy:  Making Better Connections: the models of teacher professional development for the integration of ICT into classroom practice. Department of Education, Training and youth Affairs.



Consultancy: Flexible delivery strategic planning. Australian Maritime College



ARC LINKAGE grant: Children, online learning and authentic teaching skills in primary education with Dr. Margaret Robertson in collaboration with industrial partners Tasmanian Dept of Education, Catholic Education Office and Telstra.



Faculty grant to establish a bank of adaptive control equipment for special educational needs.



Faculty grant to renew the curriculum software library.



Youth Socialisation in Mathematics: Using ICTs for Active Positive Learning with Drs. Margaret Robertson & Kim Beswick.



M-Learning Landscapes: Transforming School Cultures through Next Generational Thinking with Dr. Margaret Robertson



ARC LINKAGE grant: ‘Always On’Learning Communities: M-Learning landscapes transforming school cultures with Dr. Margaret Robertson & Marcus Ragus.

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Research students supervised:

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1998 M.Ed

Cam McNichol

Viability and effective teaching strategies for audiographics distance learning (assoc sup.)

1998 B.Ed honours

Nicola Francis

The Management of student access to controversial material on the Internet

2001 B. Teach honours

Aaron Wise

An examination of the proficiency and preferences of grade five students when searching for specific information on educational web sites.

2001 B.Teach honours

Janette Phillips

On-line learning and aboriginal and Torres Strait islander college students

2003 B.Teach honours

Jacaleen Margetts

How can robotics be taught online?

2005 BTeach honours

Sandy von Allmen

Are the Essential Learnings changing ICT teaching?

2007 BTeach honours

Clare Dabner

Lights, Camera: Media Studies Transforming Learning

2008 BTeach honours

Martin Beattie

2 txt ur m8 is gr8!:

To what degree do Tasmanian High School SOSE students use mobile phones during class, and for what purposes?

2010 BEd honours

Damon Thomas

 mLearning and the new Digital Divide

An investigation into the mobile practices of students from one high school in Tasmania



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